Through Social Media Marketing, Blog Management, and extensive Outreach Campaigns, we ensure the creation of a community of engaged and loyal brand followers. In the past several years, we have established followings from the ground up for various types of businesses, including subscription-based services and traditional products. We excel at developing a base to communicate brand messaging and tailor that to an individual business’s needs.

Social Media Management

Looking to outsource your social media so it is completely handled for you? Let our expertise and experience represent your fabulous product. Includes: Social Media Evaluation Social Media Initialization (if needed) Social Media Plan Promotion Planning Implementation of social media profiles needed Complete maintenance of all social media

Social Media Training

Need a social media presence but don’t know where to start? We’re here to help! Establish social profiles Compose social media plan Create and implement promotions to kick off social media awareness Hand-off plan to continue running social media in-house

Branding Solutions

Your online presence is crucial to success- make sure your branding represents that! From branding initialization to rebranding to campaign branding, we offer a variety of solutions to highlight your identity. We offer: Full Branding Customization Logo development Website creation & implementation Corresponding Social Media logos Business Cards Rebranding We a rework something you already [...]

Focusing on your social presence

Are you ready to allow our small business and social media marketing experience to increase YOUR social presence?

Why Other Half?

"ThisLife has been fortunate to work with Other Half Media. They are creative, dedicated, hardworking and well connected. We benefitted enormously from their marketing insight and experience. We hope to work with them again in the future and recommend them highly to anyone looking to launch or grow their social media presence."

- Andrea Johnson CEO + Co-founder,