5 types of fidget toys for kids with ADHD

Fidget toy is a small ball bearing device that a person suffering from attention deficit hyperactive disorder(ADHD), anxiety and autism can rotate around his or her fingers. The continuous momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience.

They are designed to help different kinds of sensory needs and can therefore, be used for a variety of reasons.

Below are the general types of fidget toys

Calming fidget toys

Children with ADHD suffer one common problem, they are rarely settled and can’t stay focused on things happening before them. Calming fidget toys are designed to bend, mould or twist into different shapes. Other items that can provide that calming effect includes weighted lap pad, a coiled bracelet plastic nuts and bolts or a pipe cleaner. Therefore, if your kid has uncalm experiences you can use this.

Alerting and focusing

Most children with ADHD have the tendency to be out of focus or not alert therefore, handling something in their fingers that has light, noise and different colours will help them be focused. A good fidget toy that will offer stimulation includes coloured puzzles that usually snap together, bend pull apart or twist. Another option would be colour changing light up balls.

Note that, these toys are a bit distractive and are therefore not suitable for a classroom and can be used when the children are at home and especially when they are trying to listen to an audiobook

The chewy toy

They are made of FDA approved material and can be used to overcome any kind of chewing disorder normally experienced by kids suffering from ADHD, anxiety or autism. It uses the technique of keeping your mouth occupied while being social in the presence of new people. It distracts you from inappropriate chewing that could lead to the kid biting their nails, sleeves, fingers and pencils. The other option can be the use of gum for those grown kids.

Resistance fidget toys

Are appropriate for kids who can be able to concentrate when their hands are made busy. A therapeutic putty is a good option for this since one can squeeze it push it or pull it. Other options here include magnetic balls, squishy toys, stress balls, and kneaded erasers.

Tactile fidget toys

For those kids who find it easy to focus only when they are touching something, tactile fidget toys are appropriate for them. Their texture varies from one scratchy, slimy, gooey and sticky and other options include rubbery squeeze, kinetic sand and velcroid strips

Although there is a government ban on the use of fidget gadgets in class it is important to note that one can still use them in playgrounds other social scenes and at home to help them in their focusing problem.

If one has those stress-related issues and anxieties it is easy to make use of fidget gadgets to maintain emotional focus.

Note that we are not pushing you to go and buy all the above types of fidget toys, we are not saying it is the best tool either, we are just encouraging you to consider using it so as to reap the benefits it has. For more info: