Getting Help For ADHD Kids –Learn How One Piece Of Equipment Could Help Your Child

Getting Help For ADHD Kids –Learn How One Piece Of Equipment Could Help Your Child

Inside the classroom, the children are then required to sit in stationary, follow instructions, and pay attention, thus these are just the very simple things ADHD children struggle every day. With proper guidance, ongoing persistence, and care for them, children could still keep on track in achieving their academic goals. click here for further info.

ADHD children may struggle with these core symptoms like the inability to focus things for a long period of time, and exhibit impulsive behavior. Children with ADHD experienced physiological differences within their neurology, which makes these issues pervasive.

Who would ever have thought that sitting on a stability ball would help a child with ADHD to concentrate, focus and pay attention? Well, that is true according to several studies and experts in the field. Help for ADHD kids is usually restricted to medication and therapy and usually in that order too, unfortunately.

But the whole area of exercise, ADHD and secondary movement has prompted some schools to buy stability balls. The reasoning is backed up by scientific research which basically says that to keep on the ball, you have to use both sides of the brain as otherwise you will fall off.

If you have ever done Pilates exercises with this type of ball, you will know exactly what I mean! Now what happens when the brain is stimulated is that it is working better and just more focused. In fact, those students who have used them in school or for homework have found that they had:

  • better focus
    • improved concentration
  • longer attention spans
    • higher levels of motivation
  • better understanding of teacher’s instructions

In John Ratey’s book called Spark: The Revolutionary New Science of Exercise and the Brain, the author says that physical exercise helps to produce proteins that can help our whole thinking processes. In addition it can lift our mood as the ‘feel good’ endorphins are produced. He says that thinking is nothing more than how we internalize movement.  for related details, visit :

Getting Help For ADHD Kids –Learn How One Piece Of Equipment Could Help Your Child

It is fascinating to note that in 1950 Glenn Doman had similar ideas about how exercise could be a great aid for brain damaged children. Unfortunately, his ideas were considered to be preposterous and he was ostracized and ousted by the medical community.

So, if you want to offer help for ADHD kids in a practical way, why not consider buying them a stability ball, fidget toys or ask your school to get them.

In one issue of the American Journal of Occupational Therapy, ADHD and the use of stability balls was also mentioned. This was a practical and useful type of help for ADHD kids as their behavior and language skills improved and both teachers and children preferred the balls to chairs.

The secondary movement of fidget gadget helps the brain to focus and the movement on the stability ball fits the bill perfectly. There are other gadgets available too which can allow the student to fidget unobtrusively but they have to be approved by the teacher first.

The whole idea of using movement and exercise with ADHD kids has now many advocates and loads of studies show that it is really a great help for ADHD kids. The following advantages have been noted:

  • less hyperactivity
    • improved behavior
  • better sleep patterns