The Toys and Games You Want to Have for Your Next Road Trip

Road trips can be long, boring, and especially rough for those kids who suffer from ADHD or other behavioral problems. Whether your child is a baby, teen, or somewhere in between, having some games and toys available for them during long road trips will help everyone. After all, you are all in together once you are out on the road, and if one person is having a bad time, it’s likely that everyone is having a bad time.


Ideally you want to find toys that are small enough to come along on a trip, but engaging enough to keep your child occupied. Some toys that have stood the test of time include Rubik’s Cubes, lacing boards and other toys that engage both the mind and motor skills. Puzzles are another great option

as they can be easily brought aboard and take up a large chunk of time. There are magnetic puzzles available as well, so they can be brought on even the bumpiest of rides. Hand held gaming devices, like Gameboys, iPads, and computers can also be useful on long road trips. Many of these devices can be used as all around entertainment systems as well, providing a platform to watch TV or movies on. While you probably want to limit the amount of screen time your children get, those devices can be perfect for road trips as they offer lots of possible entertainment options. Some cars may also feature built in entertainment systems. Whether you are looking for a new car, or renting one for a long drive, having entertainment features can be a great addition.

Car Games

Not to be left behind, simple car games can be a great source of fun for everyone. When I was younger, I would play a game called “city, state, or country” on road trips with my parents. In it we would name either a city, state, or country, and then the person who followed would have to name another city, state, or country that started with the last letter of the previous city, state, or country. Not only did it kill off hours at a time, the game was a great chance to learn and have fun together. Other games to play include “I spy” and “License Plate Poker”. A deck of cards can also be a simple but welcome addition to any vacation.


Road trips also provide a great chance for your children to read. The long hours can seem to disappear when you are wrapped up in a good story. Even for younger children, providing some picture books or other interactive books can be beneficial. Take a few yourself and offer them to your children when they see you reading. A book should be a mandatory addition to any road trip or vacation.

Wrap Up

An angry, worn-out child can be a nightmare on long road trips. Bringing toys and books, and having a few games in mind can keep your children occupied and happy until you reach your destination.…

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The Problem with Fidget Spinners

When it comes to ADD and ADHD, these are learning disabilities that, like most of psychology, is either misunderstood or ignored by the public at large. Therefore, it can be hard to treat these disabilities. And, when they are treated, it can come with some unintended and somewhat nasty side effects. Therefore, the purported benefits of the latest fad, the fidgets spinners and fidget cubes, are a godsend. They allegedly help those with ADD, ADHD, and anxiety disorders, focus, or in the case of the latter, calm down. However, this is kind of like slapping a bandage on a gaping wound. Sorry for the graphic language, but it’s dismaying to me that one simple aspect of this dilemma is overlooked, and that’s modern society’s shift away from proper exercise.

You see, ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, and we often overlook the “Hyperactivity” in the name. This is the crux of the issue as I see it. Kids have far more energy than adults, and we spend less time exercising now than ever before, so we get a bunch of kids who have too much pent up energy and no outlet. Therefore, we should consider getting our kids more exercise in order to burn off all that excess energy, so they don’t carry it into a classroom where they become restless and can’t focus. Therefore, it’s time to get these kids into some Foot Locker shoes and out and about to blow off some steam, as it were. This is an over simplification of the disorder, of course, but rest assured that there is validity to my argument. Even many adults have similar problems without the ADHD diagnosis, because it’s simply hard to focu when you’re full of energy and not properly stimulated on an intellectual level, which brings me to my next point.

Another issue that contributes to this problem is an educational system that doesn’t properly engage students in the learning process. Far be it from me to claim I know how to do this, but as it stands, kids are bored by school. We all take this as a fact of life, but it doesn’t have to be. Instead, we simply need to do some digging to find a way to get kids interested in learning. It’s my opinion that we’re all geniuses, but the interest has to be there in order for our genius to show, and we’re just not getting kids interested.…

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Tips to Help You Clean Your Bathroom Thoroughly and Effectively

If you have ever visited a high-end hotel then you know just how clean a bathroom can be. From the sparkling floors to the faucets which you can almost use to style your hair. Okay, who are we kidding? The faucets are definitely shiny enough to use for hair styling!

And while it may seem like the clear who performed the task spent days just to make sure everything was perfect, the truth of the matter is that they just used a few simple tricks to get the job done right and quickly. Keep reading to find out more.

Everything Goes

There is a reason why all of your items are in a different place once the cleaner has cleaned a hotel bathroom. And that’s because the cleaner knows that you need to take everything out before you can clean.

For this reason, look for a small basket or bag which you can place your items in while you are cleaning. This includes all of the bathroom accessories which you just bought from the Groupon Coupons page for Bed Bath and Beyond, such as your toothbrush holders and similar items. Just remember to clean all of the items before you put them back in, such as wiping makeup away from the lids of bottles, etc.

Soak The Tub and Shower

Just as much as you enjoy soaking in the tub or shower, it’s time for their turn for the cleaning. Fill up your bathtub with a small amount of water and cleaning solution, and give it a good scrub. Additionally, give the shower the same level of scrubbing attention. Once you’re confident that the entire bathtub and shower have been cleaned, leave them. That’s right – just leave them as it is while you finish the rest of the items on this list. Once you have everything finished, then it’s time to give the tub and shower a rinse.

By cleaning your bathtub first and leaving it to soak, you can achieve a greater level of cleanliness without the need for additional cleaning time.

Check your Ceiling

While you may not notice it, cobwebs and dirt in the corners of your ceiling can really bring down the look and feel of your bathroom.

For this reason, start with a gentle broom and sweep any dirt or cobwebs away from your ceiling and the corners of your walls. As you are cleaning, pay special attention to instances of mold which you can see. If you notice any stains, be sure to clean it thoroughly before continuing, as leaving mold to grow is a very bad idea.

Take to Your Storage Areas

Remember the spaces which used to house all of the items sitting in a basket in a hallway? Now is their shine to shine. Literally! Arm yourself with a clean scrubbing cloth and some cleaning solution and give these spaces a thorough clean. And we mean a thorough clean! The reason why you should clean so well is that these spaces often don’t get a lot of cleaning time, despite the amount of debris which they accumulate thanks to loose bottle caps and powders.

Once the spaces have been cleaned, be sure that they are all 100 percent dry before you put your items back in. If any of the areas are still damp before you put your items back in, it encourages mold growth in your storage spaces, leading to all kinds of health troubles and repair work.

Counter Tops

Almost last, and certainly not least, it’s time to clean your countertops. When cleaning your countertops, be sure to remember to clean underneath where moisture and personal products can spill and accumulate. Again, the biggest risk is mold growth, which can quickly grow and require serious repair work.

Now that everything has been done, it’s time to give your bathtub and your shower a rinse, put all of the items back into their storage space, give the floor a quick clean and you’re done! In no time you have managed to give your bathroom a hotel level clean!…

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5 types of fidget toys for kids with ADHD

Fidget toy is a small ball bearing device that a person suffering from attention deficit hyperactive disorder(ADHD), anxiety and autism can rotate around his or her fingers. The continuous momentum of the toy provides a pleasing sensory experience.

They are designed to help different kinds of sensory needs and can therefore, be used for a variety of reasons.

Below are the general types of fidget toys

Calming fidget toys

Children with ADHD suffer one common problem, they are rarely settled and can’t stay focused on things happening before them. Calming fidget toys are designed to bend, mould or twist into different shapes. Other items that can provide that calming effect includes weighted lap pad, a coiled bracelet plastic nuts and bolts or a pipe cleaner. Therefore, if your kid has uncalm experiences you can use this.

Alerting and focusing

Most children with ADHD have the tendency to be out of focus or not alert therefore, handling something in their fingers that has light, noise and different colours will help them be focused. A good fidget toy that will offer stimulation includes coloured puzzles that usually snap together, bend pull apart or twist. Another option would be colour changing light up balls.

Note that, these toys are a bit distractive and are therefore not suitable for a classroom and can be used when the children are at home and especially when they are trying to listen to an audiobook

The chewy toy

They are made of FDA approved material and can be used to overcome any kind of chewing disorder normally experienced by kids suffering from ADHD, anxiety or autism. It uses the technique of keeping your mouth occupied while being social in the presence of new people. It distracts you from inappropriate chewing that could lead to the kid biting their nails, sleeves, fingers and pencils. The other option can be the use of gum for those grown kids.

Resistance fidget toys

Are appropriate for kids who can be able to concentrate when their hands are made busy. A therapeutic putty is a good option for this since one can squeeze it push it or pull it. Other options here include magnetic balls, squishy toys, stress balls, and kneaded erasers.

Tactile fidget toys

For those kids who find it easy to focus only when they are touching something, tactile fidget toys are appropriate for them. Their texture varies from one scratchy, slimy, gooey and sticky and other options include rubbery squeeze, kinetic sand and velcroid strips

Although there is a government ban on the use of fidget gadgets in class it is important to note that one can still use them in playgrounds other social scenes and at home to help them in their focusing problem.

If one has those stress-related issues and anxieties it is easy to make use of fidget gadgets to maintain emotional focus.

Note that we are not pushing you to go and buy all the above types of fidget toys, we are not saying it is the best tool either, we are just encouraging you to consider using it so as to reap the benefits it has. For more info:

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The ADHD Child Can Play –Toys for Children with ADHD

The ADHD Child Can Play –Toys for Children with ADHD

Child psychologists and psychiatrists value the importance of play in therapy for
children with ADHD. Buying them fidget toys is one of it. The right types of play allow children to express themselves in ways they can’t do otherwise. Play within the right context and with the right supervision can also improve a child’s focusing abilities and help him or her to learn
the basics of getting along more cooperatively with other children. Medical attention
for proper diagnosis and consideration of medication are certainly the core of
treatment of ADHD. click here for more about ADHD.

The flexibility of these traditional play activities can be as simple or involved as the
opportunity permits. So, because these types of play are events of totally variable
lengths, a child can complete the activity and feel a sense of accomplishment and
build confidence.

Playhouses and play tents–Giving a child a space of his or her own is a great way to
encourage imaginative pretend play. Whether it’s stretching a sheet over dining
room chairs to make a house or a purchased indoor or outdoor playhouse or play
tent with a theme, a child is free to role-play and make up scenarios that could
happen in the space. Provide a fidget toys for ADHD is possible as well.

Drama –Dramatic activities such as skits, recitations, puppet shows and simple
storytelling can let a child concentrate on being a different character for a short
time. Put a costume on them and watch how quickly they start getting into
character. However, it may take direction from you to keep them focused and
enjoying the event. for more details, visit :

The ADHD Child Can Play –Toys for Children with ADHD

Art Activities–Any medium such as crayons, markers, chalk, paint and clay can give
a child a wealth of expressive opportunities. Sometimes you may want to suggest a
subject idea to get them started. Art supplies are some of the least expensive
educational toys you can provide. Gwynn used to bring home old stationery and
unused printed samples to give her children a virtually unlimited supply of art
paper. She’d also purchase low-end copy paper, offering the kids free rein on a
giant stack of blank paper.

Puppet shows–Puppets allow a child to act out many different roles and have fun
with character voices. There are many sources for skits that can be adapted to the
puppet stage and even ready-to-perform scripts in your library and on the web. At
The Creativity Institute, we have a section devoted to puppetry with puppets and
puppet theaters. You’ll find links to script resources on the Internet, puppeteer tips
and even a free sample scripts we adapted for the puppet stage. To make it easier
to get started, we’ve bundled together puppets and puppet theater packages and
even grouped puppet casts with accompanying scripts, ready to perform. There’s an
Aesop’s Fables Puppet Starter Set with five puppets and four fables adapted to the
puppet stage.

Books –There are many books that can hold a child’s attention. The public library is
a great start and your librarian can help you. Garage sales and community book
fairs are a great way to build a library of your own. Collections of rhymes, poems, or
short stories are a good way to start with a child who is easily distracted.…

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