Best Holiday Toys For Children With ADD and ADHD

Best Holiday Toys For Children With ADD and ADHD

ADD and ADHD are two very common learning difficulties in young children and, as such, toy manufacturers have really made a special effort to target this specific group of children. There have been many toys developed in the last few years which specifically aim to be both fun and therapeutic for children with ADD and ADHD. click here for more details.

Toys like fidget toys are an important part of development for all children, but particularly in the case of children who have ADD or ADHD, toys can be an important part of skill development. There are many new toys that are shaping up to be the most popular of the Christmas season but not all of them provide the same level of education, fun, and financial value. This article will describe some of the best toys for children with ADD and ADHD available for sale during the holiday season.

One of the most therapeutic and fun toys available to children with ADD and ADHD this holiday season is the Mindflex. This is a game that’s fun for the whole family but it has incredible therapeutic value for children with ADD and ADHD because it utilizes neuro feedback, a technique for aiding in concentration that has been practiced in pediatrician’s and psychologist’s offices for many years. Neuro feedback is a kind of therapy technique, which shows the user on real-timefeed backing on a brainwave activities, as being measured by a certain sensors found on scalp.

For many years, therapists have been suggesting LEGOS as part of therapeutic play for children with ADHD. It can be difficult for children with hyperactivity to complete lengthy tasks that require extensive directions and LEGOS are simple to use, rely on imagination rather than directions, and a certain structure can always be done quickly, keeping sense of his accomplishment whenever the child may completes his creation, then boosting his self-esteem. As children feel more accomplished they will want to sit with their LEGOS longer, concentrating on building structures for longer periods of time. for more about ADHD , visit :

Best Holiday Toys For Children With ADD and ADHD

InMindflex case, sensors that are being measure frontal lobe activities are utilized to levitate certain ball and then manipulate it all around on a given obstacle course. Most of the object of Mindflex is to use relaxation and concentration techniques to move the ball. Children with ADD or ADHD will benefit from learning to relax the brain when needed and concentrate at other times. They may even become aware of some of the physical sensations and mental changes needed to switch from relaxation to concentration as they move the ball around the Mindflex course thus helping them gain better control of their symptoms naturally. Some users on Amazon have had so much success using Mindflex as a therapy that they have discontinued their children’s ADD or ADHD medication.

Another toy being touted as a tool to assist students with ADD and ADHD is the Disney Netpal. This spiffy little netbook by ASUS and Disney was evaluated by the National Lekotok Center and was found to “be especially helpful for children who have difficulty copying notes from a board, creating outlines for papers or taking spelling tests.”

There are many amazing fidget toys for ADD and ADHD, it’s just a matter of knowing which toys provide therapeutic benefits for children with these learning differences